Our aim is to provide excellent care in terms of the information and advice you receive before your operation, the utmost care and attention to detail during your surgery and the best possible support throughout your aftercare.

Breast Augmentation

This is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic procedures in the world but is often performed poorly through lack of understanding of breast shape and the dynamic effect of using breast implants. Mr Collin has travelled in Europe and Australia to develop skills in breast reconstruction surgery to improve his understanding of the effects of breast implants and how to create the best cosmetic results. Surgery will only take place after thorough assessment in clinic and then only the safest implants will be used.

Breast reduction

Large breasts can be uncomfortable and out of proportion with the rest of your body. It is not always possible to support very heavy breasts with undergarments and surgical reduction may be the best option. If you would like to discuss this procedure in the most confidential surroundings make a booking with the contact details provided.

Breast lift or Mastopexy

The ageing process does not only affect the face. Breasts will undergo ageing effects with time, particularly after childbirth and breast-feeding. If you think your breasts have dropped and feel a little “empty”, then a breast lift or mastopexy procedure will help to reverse these changes and rejuvenate your appearance. This can be combined with a breast prosthesis or implant to give even greater fullness.

Gynaecomastia reduction or Male chest reduction

Male chest wall prominence or excess can be difficult to conceal and may affect self confidence. Exercise and weight loss programmes do help but often there is residual chest wall tissue which never goes away. It is possible with a combination of surgical techniques to remove this tissue. For a full confidential assessment make a booking in clinic at your convenience.

Breast reconstruction

If you have had treatment for breast cancer which has left your breast shape altered and different from your other breast, there are techniques available to help improve this situation. These range from the most subtle enhancements with fat transfers to total breast reconstruction using abdominal or back tissues. Contact us for a discussion or to arrange a clinic appointment.

Tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty

Skin excess in the lower abdomen can develop after childbirth, weight loss or after surgery (eg Caesarian sections). Getting toned in the gym doesn’t always reduce the unwanted fold and a surgical procedure may be needed to restore your contour. A full consultation is needed to assess your individual requirements; options can range from a minor correction (mini-abdominoplasty) to a full abdominoplasty with correction of the tummy muscle position and liposuction.

Arm lift or Brachioplasty

Upper arm skin folds can be uncomfortable and unsightly. If these have developed with time or as a result of weight loss then surgical removal is often required. This procedure is a “brachioplasty” or arm lift and in certain circumstances is combined with liposuction to produce the best cosmetic result.

Thigh lift

Inner thigh skin excess affecting your profile can also be uncomfortable. This may be correctable with surgery. Usually a combination of techniques is used in this situation and your needs as an individual will be discussed prior to making any final decisions.

Liposuction and lipofilling

To restore the contours of your abdomen, thighs, hips or buttocks it may be possible to use liposuction. We have available the most up to date liposuction equipment to deal with any “difficult to tone” areas. We are also able to offer lipofilling techniques to correct hollowing or contour irregularities which might have occurred from injury or previous surgery. Please make an appointment in clinic to have a full assessment.

Eyelid lifting or blepharoplasty

The affects of ageing are often first seen in the tissues around the eyes leaving the eyelids looking heavy. Patients complain that they look tired. A blepharoplasty procedure is a way of reducing the bagginess around the eyes and can be used to improve the upper and lower eyelids. Depending upon the degree of severity of the problem it may be possible to have this surgery performed as a day case.

Prominent ear correction

If you feel your ears are prominent and cause you embarrassment, it is possible to have local anaesthetic day case surgery to improve their appearance. We can re-create natural folds in the ear to produce better shape and reduce prominence.

Mole assessment

Any mole, blemish or wart that is unsightly or causing concern can be assessed, diagnosed and removed. Please contact the Spire Washington Hospital (see contacts) to arrange a “one stop” assessment and removal with Mr Collin when this is most convenient for you.

Skin cancer

More worrying skin lesions or nodules resembling skin cancers or which have been diagnosed as skin cancers can be removed and reconstructed by Mr Collin. He is a member of the local skin cancer discussion group and is able to draw upon the opinions of the entire group when managing a skin cancer. This consists of Dermatologists, Radiologists and Cancer Specialists (oncologists). Surgery can be arranged expediently for you in the hospitals listed on this site

Mr Collin has over 15 years experience in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and is trained in medical report writing (Bond Solon report writing). He is therefore competent to provide expert medical opinion and reports in personal or work related injury claims for a wide range of conditions including:

Facial injury

Hand injury



Nerve injury

Soft tissue injury